Water Trailers

Heavy-Duty Water Trailer

Water Trailers

Durotank’s Poly Water trailers are suitable for use in bulk dust suppression and fire-fighting applications. They can also be used for water cartage, wash downs and storage.

Designed for the harsh weather conditions of Australia, our water trailers are made of high-quality polyethylene that is highly durable and complies with Australian Standards. Our Poly Water Trailers are available in 1,200L - 2,500L sizes. For larger scale bulk water cartage, our 22,000L Water Shuttle is an ideal choice. Water trailers are popular across all industries requiring quick and efficient water transportation and storage such as agriculture, construction and other industries. Have any questions on water trailers? Get in touch with the team today!

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Poly Water Trailer 1,200L (Dual Axle)

$14,414.00$21,277.00 ex. GST
Durotank Ultra Wash Trailer

Poly Water Trailer 1,200L (Single Axle)

$13,900.00$20,765.00 ex. GST

Poly Water Trailer 1,500L

$15,236.00$22,099.00 ex. GST

Poly Water Trailer 2,000L

$16,161.00$23,024.00 ex. GST

Poly Water Trailer 2,500L

$16,662.00$23,532.00 ex. GST