Durotanker Diesel/AdBlue Trailers

Self Bunded Diesel/AdBlue Trailer

Durotanker Diesel/AdBlue Trailers

Are you using late model equipment and still carting your AdBlue separately? Do you need a more streamlined solution for transporting and refuelling with AdBlue? Durotank have got you sorted with our Durotanker Diesel/AdBlue Trailers

Featuring the same premium quality Durotanker you know and love, now with an added tank for storing AdBlue alongside your diesel for managing your refuelling more efficiently. Available in 1,200 to 3,500L sizes. If you need to customise your Durotanker DAB trailer contact us with your requirements. Being Australian made and manufactured we can fully customise with fast turnaround times.

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Durotank 1200L DAB Trailer

1,200L Diesel/Adblue Durotanker

$43,186.00$49,486.00 ex. GST
Durotank 2,000L DAB Trailer

2,000L Diesel/Adblue Durotanker

$47,265.00$53,540.00 ex. GST
Durotank 3,500L DAB Trailer

3,500L Diesel/Adblue Durotanker

$50,554.00$56,829.00 ex. GST