Diesel fuel tanks

Diesel Fuel Tanks

Understanding Diesel Fuel Tanks & Diesel Tanks

Diesel fuel tanks play a vital role in providing a steady and reliable fuel supply to industries and agriculture. They are essential for powering heavy machinery and fuelling transportation fleets, contributing significantly to the seamless operation of these industries.

Storing diesel fuel requires safety and compliance due to its flammability and potential environmental impact. Our diesel tanks are built to the highest safety standards and are AS 1940 and AS 1692 approved.

Durotank: Your Diesel Storage Tanks Solution

Durotank is recognised for its expertise, reliability, and innovation. Our tanks are built tough, proven tough. Our commitment to quality and durability has solidified our reputation as trusted provider of diesel tanks and a leading supplier Australia-wide.

Exploring Durotank’s Diesel Fuel Tanks Range

Our range of diesel tanks service diverse industry needs. From smaller-size Cubes to cost-efficient Single Walled Tanks to larger-scale 110,00L Self Bunded Smart Tanks. Each tank is robust and built to Australian standards to ensure longevity and reliability even in harsh environments.

Smart Cubes:

  • Compact, space-efficient diesel fuel storage solutions, up to 5000 litres.
  • Ideal for businesses with limited space.
  • Designed for easy transportation and quick deployment, suitable for construction sites and remote areas.

Single-Walled Diesel Tanks:

  • Traditional, single-layer tanks for above-ground.
  • Budget-friendly and customisable.
  • Suitable for various industries, with options for fuel dispensing systems and level monitoring.

 Self-Bunded Diesel Tanks:

  • Double-walled tanks for secure storage.
  • Designed for large fuel storage needs, these tanks increase operational efficiency and save thousands at the pump.
  • Store fuel on-site, reduce trips and take advantage of price fluctuations.


Robust Construction: Our tanks are built to withstand harsh environments and are constructed from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.

Compliance: All our tanks meet regulatory standards and safety requirements, making them a reliable choice for businesses.

Fuel Management: Designed to streamline fuel management, reduce the risk of contamination, and minimise downtime associated with refuelling.

Benefits of Bulk Diesel Fuel Tanks

Purchasing fuel in larger quantities leads to cost savings and maintains fuel quality. Reduced refuelling intervals enhance operational efficiency, minimising downtime and boosting productivity. Efficient diesel storage is also environmentally responsible, minimising fuel waste and its impact.

Applications of Durotank Diesel Tanks

Our tanks are popular on construction and mining sites with heavy machinery fuel needs and agriculture and farming operations requiring steady sources for vehicles and equipment. The transportation and logistics sector benefits from our on-site refuelling solutions to fuel fleets.

Diesel Tanks for Sale: Making the Right Choice

If you need help choosing which diesel tank, pump and accessories would work best for your organisation, get in touch with the team at Durotank on 1300 251 521.

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quote-01I purchased a Poly Tank Fuel Trailer from DUROTANK in April 2018. DUROTANK builds one of the best fuel trailers I have ever used. The build quality, engineering and attention to detail is unreal. The fuel trailer is rock solid, it tracks extremely well full of fuel at 100km/hr and its road worthy. All of the fittings are hoses are high quality hydraulic hose and crimped fittings so there are no leaks. The Durotank team is very easy to deal with and more than happy to help with any enquiries. The staff are friendly and it is a pleasure to do business with them. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat, that’s for sure


Ben Harris – AB Contract Farming

quote-01The Duro Cubes are going extremely well! My guys are very happy with them. Having them already saved us on oil transport on at least 2 occasions so far and has also allowed us to restructure our oil work days and use out of hours oil deliveries to make more efficient use of the time on site.


Field Supervisor, Electricity Distributor (AUSGRID)

quote-01The fuel trailer I purchased from DUROTANK is well designed to withstand the harsh mining environment I work in, with no compromise to efficient and reliable fast fuel delivery


Brad Black – Hardrock Blasting Services

quote-01 I would like to recommend Durotank to anyone that is considering their products. From first enquiry to after the product was delivered the customer experience was flawless.   quote-02


Nick Dunlop – Kelton Rentals

quote-01As a business owner I would highly recommend DUROTANK to any person who is serious about saving money, purchasing and storing their own fuel in bulk, particularly in today’s challenging economic times. DUROTANK supplied us an excellent quality Australian made fuel tank built to the specs that suited out business. Our staff love how easy it is to use and how much time it saves refuelling each week. We purchased the Smartfill System with it and its definitely a worthwhile investment both for use and fuel management. The aftersales service from DUROTANK has been outstanding.


Tony Grace – Lachlan Valley

quote-01The supply process from quotation to order placement, being kept informed of manufacturing process and delivery date and final delivery was seamless. I really appreciated the proactive approach to driving a positive Customer Experience. I couldn’t fault the product or service at all.


Peter – Meadows Family Restaurants

quote-01All our fuel trailers and on site tanks are supplied by Durotank which are built with strength and quality and always delivered on time, helpful and friendly staff, won’t get better.


Harry Smith - Milbrae Quarries

quote-01We found DUROTANK exceptionally professional to deal with. They worked closely with us to determine our exact need and then delivered the product within their promised time frame. The tank supplied is of excellent quality and makes refuelling a piece of cake. We will definitely be using DUROTANK again and have no hesitation in recommending them.quote-02


Jared Layton – Orange Hire

quote-01Here in the hire field we need tough, reliable equipment that we and our customers can depend on. That’s why for our fuel storage needs we use the Australian made Durotank. Thank you Durotank for helping us support our customers in all mining and civil areas.
Here in the hire field we need tough, reliable equipment that we and our customers can depend on. That’s why for our fuel storage needs we use the Australian
made Durotank.quote-02