What is a Fuel Management System?

What is a fuel management system

Fuel Management systems are the most efficient and easy way to monitor and control fuel consumption. Used to increase fuel efficiency and reduce costs, the system allows accurate fuel measurement and the ability to track specific fuelling inventories. Through using a fuel management system, greater insights are provided into fuel trends showing popular fuel times,…

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Must have fuel storage safety tips

Fuel Storage Tanks

If your business uses substantial quantities of diesel or other fuel, having an on-site fuel storage facility makes perfect sense. It saves you time by not having to regularly travel to and fill up at gas stations and facilitates bulk fuel purchasing which can lead to significant fuel savings. Having fuel stored on-site however comes…

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Does your diesel tank comply with AS1940 Standards?

Diesel tanks AS1940 regulations

When handling combustible and flammable liquids complying with safety measures is an important priority across industry. There are strict manufacturing and design requirements within Australia to ensure site compliance and safety, all of which are found within the Australian Standards. For the fuel storage industry, the Australian Standard 1940 is the primary regulation outlining how…

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What does an AdBlue shortage mean for industry?

Durotank Diesel AdBlue Trailer

AdBlue is a key component in transportation. Here we consider how a shortage of AdBlue could impact industries and the current solutions implemented to counteract high global demand and supply shortages. What is AdBlue? With a global focus shifting towards tougher environmental regulations and lowered emission targets, the introduction of AdBlue has become common to…

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