Durotanks 67,000 Litre Self Bunded Smart Tank comes standard with 40ft container pins, which makes it perfect for ease of transport when empty - great for use on large, longer term projects or worksites that may need to relocate the tank in future.

Our Smart Tanks are designed and manufactured in Australia, using Australian materials because at Durotank, we believe in giving our customers the best and by manufacturing our tanks in Australia, we get to oversee the build process from start to finish and ensure the quality of each tank is spot on.

Buying fuel in bulk not only means you have fuel on-site and at the ready when you need it, but it will also save you thousands a year at the bowser.

Perfect for refueling on large worksites (mines etc), large fleets or 24 hour set ups.
Key Features and Benefits of Smart Tank 67,000L
Designed and manufactured in Australia to Australian Standards
Self bunded (double wall)
Manway for access to inner tank
Under tank visibility for visual inspection
Wafer non return valve with 80mm male fitting, fire safe flange ball valve
Overfill protection valve and alarm for refuelling
4 Lift points and container pins for easy moving and transportation (whilst Empty only)
Free To Air Vent
Calibrated dipstick with safe fill level
Anti-syphon valve
Domed roof to stop water/dirt pooling
Safety signage for Australian regulations
Secured 3” bulk fill point in lockable weatherproof pumpbay with container style doors
Fold out access ladder
Safe access platform
Spill box and lockable lid
Safe Fill 64,000 L
Dimensions 12900 × 2450 × 2750 mm
Weight 13400 kgs