Custom mobile fuel solutions that keep pumping equipment dust-free at AB Contract Farming, NSW

AB Contract Farming are a harvest contracting business that services the Moree, Narrabri, Walgett and surrounding areas in the Parkes region of NSW. Working in remote, dusty paddocks, they approached Durotank looking for a mobile fuel solution that included a lockable fuel pump with a high flow rate that would keep their pumping equipment clean and free of dust.

Requirements for AB Contract Farming
AB Contract Farming lives and breathes John Deere Equipment. They wanted a reliable fuel trailer and had their hearts set on a customised solution delivered in green and gold to match their existing John Deere machinery fleet. AB Contract Farming needed to keep up with the restrictive time demands of their harvesting and sowing work, so a fast turnaround time on delivery was crucial.


Durotank suggested the biggest unit that their land cruiser could tow, a 2,500L Poly Diesel Trailer. The trailer came with a lockable pump bay, customised in the desired John Deere green and gold colours. AB Contract Farming was also looking for a pump with a high flow rate, so this unit was paired with a Honda driven pump at 100LPM. The Poly Diesel Trailer was the perfect solution as it is sturdy and can be used for off-road and on-road projects.

They were so pleased with their purchase that 3 years later, AB Contract Farming reapproached Durotank to purchase another 2,500L Poly Diesel Trailer. Their fleet had expanded, and they required higher volumes of mobile fuel.

This time they also required a refuelling solution at the site where their machinery and vehicles are serviced, before returning to the field. Durotank considered both the space at the site and how much fuel they would use before suggesting a 3,000L Smart Cube. The Smart Cube is designed for storing smaller diesel volumes around sheds or houses with high traffic areas. This made it the ideal solution for refuelling their machinery and vehicles after being serviced. Staying true to the AB Contract Farming vision, it was also built in the beloved green and gold custom colours.

The importance of keeping their refuelling area as clean as possible was still a high priority for AB Contract Farming so Durotank paired the 3,000L Smart Cube with a Single Door Lockable cabinet.

Ben Harris Director of AB Contract Farming added,

“Durotank builds one of the best fuel trailers I have ever used. The build quality, engineering and attention to detail are unreal. The fuel trailer is rock solid, it tracks extremely well full of fuel at 100km/hr and it’s roadworthy. All of the fittings are hoses are high-quality hydraulic hoses and crimped fitting so there are no leaks. The Durotank team is very easy to deal with and more than happy to help with any enquiries. The staff are friendly and it is a pleasure to do business with them. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat, that’s for sure”

How Durotank Can Help

We understand the harvesting demands farms regularly face and offer super quick turnaround times on all our equipment.

Durotank offers a range of premium quality Smart Cubes, from 250L-8,000L and Poly Diesel Trailers. Trailers are available in a wide range of sizes, from 1,200L to 2,500L and are suitable for use with a variety of vehicles. Our trailers are 100% Australian designed and made, built to manage the relentless harsh rural conditions. They are long-lasting, reliable and come with a 15 year tank warranty and 2 year warranty on the chassis, pumps and equipment.

If you would like to know more about how Durotank can help your business with custom mobile and on-site fuel solutions, get in touch with the friendly team today on 1300 829 802.